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Mphasis Digital Risk Mortgage Services® provide seamless solutions to help reduce the cost to originate, improve loan performance and expand operational capacity. Full or component-based turnkey services include processing, underwriting, and closing functions structured to create efficiencies, cement customer relationships and deliver compliant, quality loans to the market.  Flexible processes allow work to be conducted within our client’s Loan Operating Systems (LOS), wrapped and enhanced by our proprietary technology solutions, which incorporates client-specified guidelines, rules, workflow and tracking functionality with increased communication through the  process.




We offer scalable End to End Fulfillment (Processing, Underwriting, Call Center scheduling), which can be componentized based on our client’s needs. We also offer Quality Control and Valuation review services for First Mortgage and Home Equity loans and lines of credit. Our full and component-based turnkey services are structured to create efficiencies, cement customer relationships, and deliver compliant, quality loans to the market. Our industry expertise, coupled with our current and extensive history performing similar functions with multiple global banks, top mortgage originators, and GSEs, demonstrates our unique qualifications to partner with clients to meet their short term and long-term business goals.



We offer componentized and industry-leading pre-underwriting, underwriting, pre-closing quality audit,

and centralized mortgage operations solutions. These include stand-alone services (including any sub-processes), in the areas of:

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We can scale our origination solutions based on our client’s need, offering flexible fulfilment capacity, reduction in cycle times, exceptional borrower experience, and overall cost reduction.  In fact, we partnered with a top HELOC originator to improve their processing training programs, and improved time-to-market by 50 percent. In addition, we offer our clients: 

• Flexible capacity in Fulfillment (especially Underwriting), reduction in cycle times, exceptional borrower experience, and overall cost reductions. 
• Market leading scale (nearly 4,500 HELOC loan applications per month processed and underwritten) 
• Innovative call management platform including real time interaction analytics with customers 
• Integrated and cutting-edge technology including our Amplify suite, which enables automated loan routing, compliance management, business intelligence, and quality control 
• Top tier SAFE Act licensing footprint in US and India 
• Best in class customer experience scores and industry leading cycle times



In addition to robust and meticulous inline quality control for our fulfillment solutions, we provide the following independent corporate quality assurance services:

• Pre-fund QC
• TRID reviews
• Additional loan audit functions




Our industry expertise, rich experience of proven success with global banks,

top mortgage originators, and GSEs provide clients total assurance in meeting their short and long-term business goals.


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LoanFxTM is a fully integrated digital mortgage front-end solution, powered by a comprehensive technology suite that provides operational scale and in-depth mortgage domain expertise.

LoanFxTM  offers a host of advantages and benefits:

• Process transparency – Web-based and mobile-compatible borrower loan dashboard provides real time status updates to borrowers and loan officers
• Superior customer experience - 24/7 access to loan application system; ‘anytime’ customer concierge services; paid appraisal services that boost application-to-underwriting speed (within 30 minutes); simplified URLA with the patent-pending 1003 Merge process
• Improved manufacturing efficiencies and cost saving - Reduced risk of non-compliance, as loans are automatically routed to licensed employees in the state where the loan is being originated; in-built system licensing checks for both the company and the individual
• High ‘pull through’ - Patent-pending 1003 Merge process reduces time spent online filling out data, improves data quality and increases conversions
• Enterprise grade data security and compliance -  Minimized repurchase risk; vetted and secure vendor system and ; stringent quality checks
• Seamless integration - Integrates directly into our end to end technology and QC solutions




iVue is a technology wrapper for boosting Loan Fulfillment performance. The platform provides a one-stop shop that “wraps” all operational tasks performed in a Loan Operating System (LOS). It reduces cycle times, improves customer experience, enhances process quality, and creates additional levels of compliance and accountability.


• Automated Loan Routing and Load Balancing
• Safe Act Licensing Management
• Call Platform Integration and Reporting
• Inline Quality Control workflow customized to support gaps in clients systems to allow improved task tracking and alerts 



LuminateTM is a fully automated QC platform that provides critical insight and enhanced reporting for quality control, risk analysis and compliance. It can be integrated anywhere in the loan lifecycle (inline or post-close) and can learn over time to increase accuracy of all outputs. Additionally, reporting analytics enable effective deployment of internal resources to improve quality and reduce errors.

LuminateTM leverages our QC expertise and knowledge, automated document recognition (ADR), optical character recognition (OCR) and robotic process automation (RPA) to fully automate mortgage document processing.

Users of LuminateTM have experienced far superior customer experience and improvement in cycle times, besides achieving improved risk management and compliance in document management.




Improved NPS by 70% for a top global bank
Cost saving of $5+ achieved with originations services for a large US bank