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Mphasis Digital Risk is a one stop shop for Mortgage Solutions offering cutting-edge technology tailored to deliver high performance solutions for our clients. We enable enterprises to achieve speed, innovation and personalization in proactively addressing digital disruptive trends.


Our unique Front2BackTM(F2B) transformation solutions address each phase of the mortgage life cycle with innovative proprietary technology platforms that can be integrated at any stage - from point-of-sale to closing, and again during due diligence and the secondary market.  Business-driven KPI’s, high customer-centricity, efficient automation and extensive connectivity transform businesses to achieve winning top and bottom-lines.   Additionally, our expertise in analog to digital, effectively balances the power sharing between business and IT to minimally disrupt existing systems and infrastructure.


With a personalized approach powered by digital mortgage solutions, configurable technology and business operations, we deliver transformational improvements to quality, cost, and service. This enables us to help our clients stay ahead in this dynamic industry. 



Digital Risk was founded in 2005 by Jeff Taylor and two colleagues, with their idea written on a napkin paper! Transforming this idea into reality, Digital Risk started out in the mortgage forensics space operating out of a small house in downtown Orlando. This small operation of only a few employees quickly expanded overnight, when many large banks were looking for mortgage forensics expertise after the 2008 financial crisis.  Digital Risk later established their headquarters in Maitland, Florida, by expanding operation centres in Denver, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Lake Mary. Around 2012 they saw a need to expand services and provide operational expertise and industry knowledge to support due diligence services and originations.  


Digital Risk was acquired by Mphasis in 2013, who added global access to resources, cutting edge technology and financial stability to the company. To ensure 24/7 coverage for clients, Digital Risk then expanded with two new operation centres in India. Today, it is Mphasis Digital Risk, working together to create next gen technology solutions that touches each stage of the mortgage life cycle, with a goal of reducing operational cost and efficiencies for clients.