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Mphasis Digital Risk Auto Loan Services


Mphasis Digital Risk Auto Loan Services delivers end-to-end and accelerated digital efficiency for lenders across the entire loan or lease lifecycle. We partner with banks, credit unions, finance companies, and captives to enable them outperform on borrowers’ expectations, and create superior experience across origination, servicing, and managed servicing. In an intensely competitive lending environment, we help market, lenders to differentiate themselves and stand above and ahead of competition.



We deploy digital technologies to scale large transformations. Through agile, intelligent and innovative operating models for auto loans, we enable lenders to reshape auto finance with experiences for buyers and dealers.

Our full range of auto loan services comprise all aspects —loan application, underwriting, process close, credit asset transfer and servicing.

We ensure impeccable governance through control testing, transactional reviews, compliance testing, and mock examinations — to ensure meticulous compliance to all applicable laws and regulations.



Mphasis Auto Loan Services delvers unprecedented advantages to lenders at reduced costs with the the following differentiators :

Comprehensive servicing solutions for all types of auto loans

End-to-end support to address every aspect of loan servicing

Multi-pronged approach and omnichannel support to address acquisition, onboarding, servicing and account resolution

Enhanced customer experiences driven by automation, and secure cloud payment

Highly skilled loan serving specialists

Transaction-based pricing to eliminate cost uncertainty

Scalability to manage peak and off-peak volumes

Highly customized and easy-to-use systems and processes

Total compliance to all auto financing regulations

High agility and swift responses to market changes