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Our customizable sets of reviews meet the needs of non-performing / re-performing asset buyers for superior returns and develop review strategies.

Servicing Comment & Modification Review  

- Validation of  servicing history and borrower activity. Items identified per loan and summarized includes

   • Loss Mitigation activity (Modifications, Short Sales, DIL)
   • Title Issues
   • Potential Fraud
   • MI Rescissions
   • Bankruptcy, Litigation & Foreclosure
   • Property Damage & Occupancy
   • Frequency of Borrower Contact
- Modification Reviews
   • Detailed examination of modification documents
   • Data Integrity review of modification terms
   • Detailed analysis of qualification and underwriting

 Pay History, Arm Adjustment and Tax & Tile Reviews

- Pay history provider by Seller / Servicer

   • Transactional history reviewed to capture monthly cash applications, due dates, reversals, charge off balances, and due date changes resulting from modification activity.
- Title & Tax Reports Review
   • Identify liens that can negatively impact value
   • Identify Super Lien States and Liens that take priority over subject mortgage
   • Curative and Negotiation Services
   • Mortgage Assignment and Search
   • Permit Violations, unrecorded liens, utility bills