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The COVID-19 pandemic caused the economy to come to a virtual stop, leaving small businesses struggling to survive. The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is aimed to minimize the economic impact small businesses are facing today. This swift action has caused a huge influx of applicants with a very time-consuming loan approval process that's stretching lenders' ability to meet demand.


Mphasis Digital Risk presents stress-free, short-term flexible solutions, to process these loans as well as perform diligence on program compliance for loan forgiveness. We offer:

    • Loan review with document validation and funding verification per SBA PPP guidelines
    • Post Approval Setup
    • Post Approval Clearing
    • Customer Inquiry Assistance effortlessly

All of our solutions include:
    • 100% Work from Home staff
    • Streamlined systems enablement (via Virtual Desktop Interface -VDI)
    • Flexible commercial options