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Digital Risk performs a "Credit Review" to verify compliance with applicable underwriting guidelines in effect at the time of loan origination, ensure the characteristics used by the underwriter are supported by the file documentation, and determine whether any loans outside of those guidelines contain legitimate and approved exceptions with compensating factors.  

Digital Risk will also perform a "Compliance Review" to determine, whether the loan complies with applicable regulatory requirements including any federal, state or local laws
Here are all the various types of reviews we can offer:

    • New Originations
    • Agency Pre Fund and Post Close Quality Control
    • Jumbo Prime  
    • Non-QM
    • Warehouse Line Reviews
    • MSR’s
    • Whole Loan Purchases for Portfolio or Securitization
    • Seasoned Loan Non-Preforming/Re-preforming reviews

We collaborate with our clients to streamline operations by providing comprehensive trending analysis and robust reporting of the highest quality standards.  

    • Next-gen technologies and proactive quality processes to efficiently assess and report regulatory changes in TRID including Estimate and Closing Disclosures.  
    • Ability to Repay (ATR) & Qualified Mortgage (QM) solution providing transparent insight into loan reviews.  
    • Determination of the loans’ compliance with Federal, state and local anti-predatory lending laws with our compliance ‘tools’.  
    • Intelligent mitigation of repurchase risk by providing actionable intelligence
    • Business rules-driven technology ensuring maximum flexibility, system integrity and customized processes and reporting.  
    • Proprietary analytical models
    • Stringent quality control
    • Elite panel of certified and experienced appraisers
    • Customized solutions  
    • Fast and accurate underwriting services